Information for parents


Most of the cost of running the Group is met by a subscription payment (usually referred to as subs) at the beginning of each term. This can be paid by cash, cheque, standing order, or direct internet payment (BACS Transfer),.
We prefer other payment methods over cheque/cash as less money changes hands.
For payments by cash or cheque, please put them in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name.
For information about setting up a standing order or BACS Transfer please speak to our treasurer or one of the leaders.
Gift Aid
It is vitally important that all parents who are UK tax payers sign a Gift Aid Declaration form. Gift Aid doesn’t cost you anything but it increases our Group income by several hundred pounds each year from the Government
Cool Running
Please help your child to help us operate smoothly:
  • Please be on time. You need to arrive a few minutes before the official start time to get your coat off and get ready.
  • We are a uniformed organisation and all members need a uniform. Please wash and iron the uniform periodically (at least before we have to parade your child somewhere!). Uniforms can be bought from Hornchurch District Scout Shop, Chelmsford Drive. Scarfs are bought directly from 3rd Upminster Scout Group or the Scout Shop.
  • There is the annual St. George’s Day Service held around the 23rd April & Remembrance Sunday Service held around the 11th November. We operate a three-line-whip for this event so make a note in your diaries now!
  • The Group is sponsored by Upminster Methodist & Trinity Churches and services are held every second Sunday of the month. We ask for parent’s support in ensuring that these are well attended.
Family Fun Evening & AGM
As a voluntary organisation we have to hold an AGM. The important (i.e. staying legal) part of the proceedings is ratifying the accounts and set the level of subs for the following year. As if that isn’t exciting enough we also hold our Family Fun Evening featuring plenty of activities to keep the whole family fed, watered, and entertained for the evening. After all of this you might even want to consider….
….Offering More

Kids are great aren’t they? Scouting is fun. If you enjoy songs, games, fires, ropes, rivers, mountains, tents, and generally having a good time then why not lend us a hand? You might be surprised how much you enjoy it!


Welcome to 3rd Upminster Scout Group

3rd Upminster Scout Group is based in the Hornchurch District and the County of Greater London North East.

The group is made up of three sections – Beavers, aged 6 to 8, Cubs, aged 8 to 10½ and Scouts, aged 10½ to 14. Once Scouts reach 14, they are ceremoniously booted out of the group and unleashed on an unsuspecting Explorer Unit. Although Explorers is made up of members from across the district, links with the group are still maintained. Explorer Scouts are aged 14 to 18. Beyond this is Network whose members are aged 18 to 25.

At 3rd Upminster we have two beaver colonies, two cub packs, and one scout troop. Our group meets on a weekly basis, based mainly at Upminster Methodist Church but with one beaver colony and cub pack meeting at Upminster Trinity Church. Our dedicated leaders plan a varied programme that aims to let the young people have fun, make friends, learn new skills and to achieve their potential. Activities range from playing volleyball to learning how to use a knife and axe, from making Christmas cards to learning how to light fires, from bowling to planning a hike, from cooking to fundraising – the possibilities are endless.

In addition to these weekly meetings there are many activities that run during weekends and school holidays. Camping under canvas is one of the most enjoyable activities for leaders and children alike. The group is fortunate enough to be well equipped for this, allowing regular camps to be organised for all sections. We also take part in activities such as archery, shooting, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling and go karting, sometimes whilst camping, sometimes in their own right.

The activities will of course depend on the age of the members – see the section pages for more specific programme details.

“But surely all this fabulously active, well thought out entertainment costs a bomb” I hear you cry! Well no, it doesn’t. Unfortunately we can’t offer everything for free but it is made as cheap as possible. What we do is available to all no matter what their background or financial situation – we can work round nearly every problem! Members are asked to pay a subscription fee for weekly meetings with specific camps and activities being charged separately. Despite this though we still believe that Scouting is one of the most cost effective hobbies – where else can you get weekends away, packed with exclusive, exciting, educational activities for under £20?!?!

Thank you for reading about our Scout Group, please take the time to look around the rest of the site and get in touch with any comments, questions or suggestions.

Livingstone Cubs Halloween Night

Only 9 cubs on Halloween, but despite this everyone had a great night eating doughnuts, apple bobbing and searching for sweets in flour – all with no hands.

London Bridges Walk

As part of our Gambia fundraising, the cubs and a few scouts took part in a walk across 8 of Londons bridges.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and raised money through sponsors to go towards personal and group fundraising for the project.

We were even lucky enough to be able to salute Adam Woodgate (a HEMS doctor and lead of the Gambia trip) as he sped past in the air ambulance rapid response car!

For more information on the Gambia project in which many 3rd Ups leaders and members are involved, follow this link: http://www.ghisp.org.uk/

Young Leaders Gold Dofe Expedition

Congratulations to the 3rd Upminster Young leaders/network for completing their Gold DofE expedition!

Why come to Scouts?

It’s a mad house…a very fun one

  • Sociable and a place to make friends
  • Big boys club
  • Fun Games- dodge ball, “toilet” the object of the game is to hit the ball out of your square and into any of the other five squares if it bounces twice in your square you’re out, it is pretty much volleyball without the net, and our favourite – “push game” the object of the game is to push every other team into the next square- basically rugby without the ball.
  • The best part of Scouts is the camps when we do archery or survival camps, it is so fun and it is a good laugh.
  • During camps we do activities such as backwards cooking, climbing, fire lighting and wide games such as spotlight and capture the flag.
  • Survival camp is the best because we get to utilise our knives and make cool things out of it.
  • Our camps are mainly at the weekend and 3rd ups usually go to Chigwell camp or Lambourne end campsites
  • On our camp we gutted a rabbit and a wood pigeon and cooked it over a fire before eating it .
  • We camped for two nights
  • The food was very good and we had a camp fire one night.