Why come to Scouts?

It’s a mad house…a very fun one

  • Sociable and a place to make friends
  • Big boys club
  • Fun Games- dodge ball, “toilet” the object of the game is to hit the ball out of your square and into any of the other five squares if it bounces twice in your square you’re out, it is pretty much volleyball without the net, and our favourite – “push game” the object of the game is to push every other team into the next square- basically rugby without the ball.
  • The best part of Scouts is the camps when we do archery or survival camps, it is so fun and it is a good laugh.
  • During camps we do activities such as backwards cooking, climbing, fire lighting and wide games such as spotlight and capture the flag.
  • Survival camp is the best because we get to utilise our knives and make cool things out of it.
  • Our camps are mainly at the weekend and 3rd ups usually go to Chigwell camp or Lambourne end campsites
  • On our camp we gutted a rabbit and a wood pigeon and cooked it over a fire before eating it .
  • We camped for two nights
  • The food was very good and we had a camp fire one night.